About Marzena

Marzena Exner-Gulesserian has been teaching piano, voice and also Kindermusik and Musik Garten since 1992.  She began her music education at the age of 7 in the K. Lipinski State School of Music in Lublin, Poland, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education/Piano/Voice from The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland.  Further on, she earned certification in Early Childhood Education; The Montessori Method; Kindermusik; Musik Garten and Voice for Life, an acclaimed method of training singers. She also took multiple courses in Piano Pedagogy from Westminster Choir Collage, Princeton, NJ, in order to be current in her teaching. As a member of Music Teachers National Association and Northern Delaware Chapter of Piano Teachers, she continues her learning by regularly attending piano workshops.

Marzena loves to sing and play the piano, but most rewarding of all, she finds sharing her love of music with her students.  "By sharing, I double my pleasure!"  She believes and observes firsthand, the scientifically supported theory, that all children are born with musical ability and introducing them, especially early on, to music helps them with all aspects of their development. 

She has performed with symphonic choirs in Poland, London, and Philadelphia and has led choirs in the historic Christ Church in Philadelphia and her own Voice For Life children's choir.

Marzena lives with her husband, Libarid, in Ambler, PA, and is the mother to their adult son, Barkev, who is a fine artist.

You may speak to Marzena personally by calling her at (215) 542-9683 or emailing her at marzenaexner@gmail.com


Marzena is a wonderful music teacher and a wonderful person! I have had the privilege of watching her teach some of her Musikgarten classes. Her upbeat personality, energy, and enthusiasm make the classes fun for everyone. Her love of children is inspiring. While she makes learning music fun, she simultaneously gives her students high quality music education and more! I highly recommend Marzena if you want your children to cultivate a life-long love of music and receive a great music education!

Soul Note Studio

Excellent, patient, fun, developmentally appropriate all are words I would use to describe Marzena's teaching style! Our kids have blossomed so much with Marzena's instruction. Their excitement and appreciation of music has grown with her and also their motivation to practice!:) We highly recommend her!:)

Jeffrey Lee

Not everyone who is an excellent pianist can also teach children to play the piano. What has impressed us the most about Marzena is that she is an educator first. Because of her Montessori and other training in childhood education she understands how children learn, and especially that not all children learn the same way. Her patience with them in trying different approaches is wonderful to see. Most importantly she encourages a love of music along with developing their skills in piano playing.

Elaine Perry

Marzena was my piano teacher for about 10 years, and I could not have been happier. Her main focus is on what the kids want to play and encouraging their passion for music. She is a phenomenal teacher for both piano and singing. I definitely would not have had the appreciation for music if I had not taken piano lessons with her. When she talks about music, it makes you wish you had the same passion about it that she does. Since I have left for college, she still remains a very close friend, and I made sure to stop by for a few piano lessons when I was back home.


Marzena is a magical miracle worker who brings out the love of music for children! She transforms her love of melody and rhythm to everyone she teaches. My grandson loved her and although, did not continue, she discovered his singing ability and recommended he belong to a choir!!

My grandson has been singing in his synagogue choir, and recently joined his middle school choir! We will never ever forget Magical Musical Marzena who surrounds the love of music to every child she teaches!!!!

Lorraine Cherashore

Marzena is a skilled musician and music teacher. Our son has been taking lessons with her since March 2016, and within 5 months had already performed in a recital. Marzena's enthusiasm for music and teaching children is infectious, and watching our son grow musically has been such a wonderful treat. 

Monique Galloway

Keeping a child playing piano is the work of a parent and a teacher. So many times my son wanted to quit because it cuts into his play time. I say okay, but you tell Marzena, and every time he comes out from his lesson with a smile on his face and an eagerness to play piano when he gets home. For a child's brain, piano is the best, why not have the best teacher that keeps them excited. 

Kellie Pannepacker

My children are grown now, (25 & 22) but my memories of their time with Marzena shine clear and bright in my mind! Our son, Tim, was the first to introduce us to Marzena's skills when we joined one of her Kindermusik classes. Tim was a very busy two-year old! I worried about that, but Marzena didn't and introduced him to the world of music and taught me how to share this world with my son. After meeting Marzena through Kindermusik, we had our daughter (Tim's older sister), Suzanne take piano lessons with Marzena. I couldn't wait for this time each week. Suzanne loved her time with Marzena and so did I! Both of our children have an appreciate for music which, no doubt, has been influenced by Marzena. Suzanne went to Susquehanna University on music scholarships for her voice which I wholeheartedly believe was influenced by Marzena.  Marzena sees the goodness in each and every child. She fosters them as musicians and as little people (and bigger people) making their way in the world. She builds their confidence and makes them feel important. I wholeheartedly endorse Marzena's skills and am so grateful for the role she played in helping to raise our musical children!

Sherri Fickenscher

We began in Kindermusik and then transitioned our daughter to piano lessons when she was older. Marzena has a wealth of knowledge and is always eager to share that wealth with anyone. Our daughter loves going to class and recitals and she took to Marzena immediately. She is patient and knows when to give our daughter stretch goals and when to hold back. Her teaching style, knowledge and flexibility make it easy to recommend her to all our friends. To top it all off, she is a wonderful person too. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and well informed teacher.

Michael Bachi

I have always enjoyed watching you interacting with your students at their recitals. Your deep love of music and the joy with which you teach and conduct are so engaging, and it is a pleasure to observe your young musicians absorbing and reflecting this passion and enthusiasm. I know that you put a great deal of thought into providing the finest musical experiences for your students and that you care deeply that music will enhance each child's journey toward personal fulfillment.


Marzena is a wonderful piano teacher! My boys love taking lessons from her. She is patient and makes it so fun. We highly recommend her! We also did her music classes when the boys were little and loved those too!!

Kim Morris

Marzena has far exceeded my expectations in a music teacher. She has a life-long passion for music that is inspiring. She has an amazing ability to engage children and tailor her teachings to align with their individual needs. My 9 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Marzena for over 3 years and absolutely loves her.  I wasn't sure how my daughter was going to take to piano, but she has been enjoying it immensely. I can't thank Marzena enough for nurturing my daughter's love of music.

Anne Ricca

My 2 children have been taking piano lessons with Marzena for over a year. We absolutely LOVE her! She is great with kids; kind, patient, encouraging and just a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Marzena!!

Heidi Commins

Marzena is a very experienced and talented piano instructor. I found Marzena to be exceptionally good with teaching both of my kids and inspiring them to explore music outside of their lessons. This is an important part of music education. I found Marzena to always speak of music and her students with such pride and enthusiasm. 

Mehul Patel

We began piano lessons with Marzena 4 years ago (at age 8) and highly recommend her. Over the years, we added lessons for my younger daughter too. Marzena has a true passion for piano and children. Marzena's teaching style is very adaptive to the individual child and she proactively seeks the best technique and tools to fit the student's needs. She ensures they are learning and enjoying their musical experience. She creates a comfortable environment for group recitals, as well as, prepares competitive players for State and Local level competitions. Both of my girls enjoy their lessons and their teacher. Marzena is also an avid live learner who seeks continuous education that she applies it to her work. She is also actively involved in area networks of piano teachers. We highly recommend Marzena!

Pascal Howard

My son has been taking lessons with Marzena for 5 years and couldn't be happier. Marzena has inspired and cultivated his love for piano and for music generally. Her caring nature and enthusiasm for her students make her a very special teacher. 

Heather B

My son James took lessons with Marzena from the age of 5 1/2. She is an amazing music teacher. She was wonderful with him and he took to her immediately. Marzena has a wonderful way with children. She is very patient and also knows how to keep children directed on task, but with a positive approach. She allowed my son to move along at his own pace. My son is musically gifted, but I had no musical education. Marzena was very helpful in explaining to me the lesson and how to help my son progress. Marzena cares so much about the children. My son also liked to sing and Marzena allowed him to sing and play piano during her recitals. She spent time with him learning new songs to sing and also prepped him for his audition for the Philadelphia Boys Choir. Our whole family loves her. 

Jennifer Martin

I have known Marzena for almost 14 years. We signed up my older son to Marzena’s Firstnotes music group when he was just few months old. Marzena has been filling my children’s lives with music ever since. She has been an excellent teacher by not only being the most patient one, but also the most innovated. Marzena has been open for new ideas and tendencies in musical education. She has been growing educationally and sharing her knowledge and love for music with students and their parents. My children are definitely more musical thanks to Marzena. For example my older son has been a member of the elite school music groups for two years. I truly believe that Marzena inspires families musically, and enrich us with culture and music. 

Monika MacDermott

Marzena is wonderful. Both of my children first met Marzena in Kindermusik, where she nurtured their love of music from infancy. Marzena has taught my 11 year old son piano for over 6 years. After the first few years, when he began to play other instruments and was less interested in playing piano, Marzena would carefully choose pieces that would inspire and motivate him. With her thoughtful, individualized lessons, she has kept him engaged in his musical education and thriving in his continued piano lessons. We are so grateful to have found Marzena so early in my childrens' lives. 

Michele Rhodes

Marzena is a vibrant and amazing teacher. Her approach is very holistic and joyful. She never stops reading and educating herself about music and new possible ideas for her students. I first brought Maia to Marzena's Kindermusik "Village" class when she was three months old and we stayed for years until the conclusion of the full program. Maia continued working with Marzena privately for piano lessons and then also joined Marzena's children's choir. I can't express how much of a positive and incredible impact Marzena has made with my daughter and our whole family. Even though my daughter has a physical disability and Aspergers, Marzena continues to support Maia's music journey with her uplifting spirit and energy. Now at age 17, and soon to graduate high school, Maia is an award-winning performance musician.

Francine Litz